Dashboard in a vehicle

A dashboard light just came on. Can I keep driving my vehicle?

What is the most dangerous light on your dashboard?

It is a cool autumn day when out of nowhere, a light on your dashboard begins to illuminate. What does the light mean? Do I need to pull over and call for a tow, or can I make it to my destination? All of these questions flood your mind at the same time. Today, we are going to answer the question, “what is the most dangerous light on your dashboard?” so that you are familiar with some of the dashboard warning lights that should not be ignored.

Four common dashboard warning lights that should not be ignored

Oil Pressure and Service Engine soon light

Low Oil Pressure

This is one light that you do not want to mess with. Many times, individuals believe that this light means that their vehicle is low on oil. While this could be one of the causes, it could also be an issue with the engine or an issue with the sensor. If this light comes on, do not ignore it! Have your vehicle serviced as soon as you can.

Check Engine Light

This light can be tricky. It can indicate something like your gas cap is loose, but it can also warn you about a serious internal issue. If you see this light come on, do not ignore it. Your trusted mechanic can scan the codes to determine what the issue is.

Hyundai Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings
Overheating light

High Engine Temperature

If your vehicle begins to overheat, it is important that you pull over and let your vehicle cool off. If you were to continue to drive, you could cause a lot more damage. Have your vehicle serviced to diagnose exactly why your vehicle was overheating.

Charging System Malfunction

This system is very important. If the charging system malfunctions, then you could find yourself on the side of the road with a vehicle that is not working. Again, if you see this icon illuminate on your dashboard, have your vehicle looked at right away!