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How to thoroughly disinfect the interior of your vehicle

In March, life as we knew it completely changed. The coronavirus, or COVID-19, swiftly made its way across the country. Businesses had to either shut down or completely rethink their models. During this time, there has been a larger emphasis on washing hands and keeping places sanitized. Even though you may not be driving your vehicle as often when was the last time you gave it a really good deep clean? In the brief guide below, we will walk you through how to thoroughly disinfect the interior of your vehicle.

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What products can I use to clean the interior of my vehicle?

When you think of strong cleaning products, what immediately jumps into your head? If you said bleach or hydrogen peroxide, you are in the same boat as us. However, these products should not be used inside of your vehicle. They are too harsh and will cause damage. Instead, check out the household cleaners that you currently have. If any of them contain at least 70% alcohol, they will do the job perfectly! In addition, if any of the cleaners contain ammonia, do not use them on the screen inside of your vehicle. Ammonia will cause the screen to warp.

Now, if you look at your cleaners and none of them contain 70% alcohol, you have a second option. It is soap and water. If this is the route that you decide to take, you need to find the fine line between scrubbing hard and getting the material clean, and not soaking the cushion so much that it later has a musty smell.

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What surfaces should I disinfect inside of my vehicle?

It would not hurt to give the entire interior of your vehicle a good clean, but you really want to focus on the high-frequency areas. Some of these include the steering wheel, turn signal, shift knob, windshield wipers, seatbelt, etc. One thing that might help is sitting in the driver’s seat, and pretending like you are driving so that you can take an inventory of everything that you usually touch.